Providing God’s Word to Chicagoland Since 1840

Chicago Bible Society

The Chicago Bible Society is a non-denominational ministry that works with all Christians – Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant – to provide access to and increase the understanding of the Bible.  Our mission is:


· To distribute the Scriptures to those who have limited or no access to them due to finances, incarceration, or institutionalization.


· To provide Bibles and Scripture resources for use in prison and hospital ministries, missions and outreach programs, and to those with special needs.


· To encourage the serious reading and study of the Bible in order to increase personal understanding of God’s transforming Word.


· To work in collaboration with churches and ministries to further the reading and understanding of God’s Word.

Video—History and Work of Chicago Bible Society

Chicago Bible Society  1111 N. Wells St. Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60610